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Court appearances aren’t always a great thing to have to do, court proceedings are usually started to prosecute someone and if you aren’t the one doing the prosecuting then you may not be comfortable being in court. Witnessing a court proceeding can be time consuming and tedious, having to spend half your day listening to testimonies that aren’t at all related to what you need to hear – instead of spending your time watching a trial that you don’t really need to watch, have it recorded instead to be able to quickly skip through the important highlights as they relate to you with one of the court reporting and recordings from Court Reporters On Demand.

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Reporting a trial may seem like a fairly simple concept, but after years of organising court reporting we can say that it is not as simple as it seems. We have been offering court reporting services to the great state of New York for many years and have learnt a lot from our time performing them. Many other services try to simplify the process and end up providing you with an incomplete product and service, but we have worked hard to be sure that the trials we report on are recorded accurately and in a format you can use.

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In this digital age there are a lot of different form factors court reporting can come in. Once upon a time we relied on eye witness accounts to touch type the proceedings and provide sketches of the court but now with the benefit of technology we can get high fidelity audio and speech to text conversions so that you can rest assured you are getting a perfect transcription of what is happening in the court room.

Court Reporting Services 

When you aren’t able to make a trial, whether its because you’re too busy or simply not in the same state, then the next best option is to send someone for you. A court reporter is able to record everything that happens within a hearing, giving you a full account of what happens so that you can assess it as if you were there yourself. We make sure that everything is recorded accurately for you so that you can make any important decisions about the case with confidence.


Virtual Court Reporting

Not able to make it to your next court appearance? Virtual court reporting means you can login and attend court proceedings virtually, meaning you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home or office in order to see what goes on. We are able to setup high quality video and audio so that you don’t miss a thing. Just get in touch with us to discuss our ability to provide you virtual court reporting services.

In Person Court Reporting

Need to have someone in the room in an upcoming trial? Sometimes there is no replacement for having a real person in a courtroom for you. If you need someone to attend a trial for you, Court Reporters on Demand can help you. We will send one of our reliable court reporters to attend the trial and make sure that every detail is reported on, so you can know exactly what happened in that room.

Westchester Court Reporters

Having a court case thats related to you somehow isn’t always a good thing, but unfortunately from time to time it happens. If you have been implicated in a crime, or there is just a trial that relates to you or your business and you need a full report as to what happens during the court proceedings, then give our team a call – we can organise a court reporter just for you.

Rockland Court Reporters

Do you remember back in the day where you would see accounts of court proceedings on the news with hand drawn sketches? Those days have come and gone, now technology has advanced enough to have full video and audio recordings of these proceedings that our team can record and send you.

Orange Court Reporters

Heading to court is not everyones idea of a good time, often there is a lot of hassle involved, not to mention getting your suit dry cleaned for the event. Stay at home in your comfy clothes while one of our team goes to the court proceedings to record it for you. We will give you a full report of what happens along with an audio or video transcript should you wish to receive one.

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Do you have an important upcoming trial that you either can’t attend or you would just like a copy of the transcript for? Court Reporters on Demand are able to help you to get full recordings of almost any court trial. All you need to do to organise it is to give us a call, just head to our contact page that is linked below and you’ll be put in touch with our customer service team. They will take down any important details and organise court reporters to be present once the trial commences. So give us a call today!

“A business related to mine had a court hearing coming up that had bearing on the success of my own business. I wanted to make sure that I knew exactly what happened so I could act accordingly, after some searching I found Court Reporters On Demand and they were able to get full video and audio recordings for me so I could be better prepared.” – Tom H.

“I was attending an important trial and needed to be able to show it to my colleagues to prepare for another one, after a recommendation from a friend I contacted Court Reports On Demand and they were able to help record the whole trial for me and give me digital copies, I highly recommend their service.” – Sarah G.

“Court Reports on Demand reported on an important case for me, they were incredibly reliable and got the job done well for me.” – James D.

Westchester Court Reporters serve attorneys and law firms throughout Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Bronx, New York, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau, Suffolk and More.