Westchester Court Reporters

Have you noticed that no matter how many times you try to take down minutes of meetings each week, people still seem to misunderstand what has been said and important notes fall through the cracks? We’ve all been to those meetings where we just hear what we want to, perhaps other things are on our mind and we get lost in the abyss while someone else is talking, and you happen to miss a pertinent piece of information that would have otherwise saved you hours of work. Accurate and reliable minute taking is what usually solves this – when you have a full transcription of your meeting then you’re able to go back over it and read anything you missed from being there the first time.


We understand that most businesses have valuable IP that need to be protected, along with sensitive personal information that gets discussed in legal proceedings. The last thing you need is the court reporter that you’ve invited into the mix going around spreading rumours throughout town. Our court reporters have all signed confidentiality agreements and are trained accordingly to make sure that they are legally bound to their confidentiality. We want you to have the peace of mind that everything that is said in front of one of our employees is strictly confidential and doesn’t leave that room.

Secure Files

Valuable information needs to be treated as such. With technology the way it is currently, sending things the old fashion way just simply can’t be trusted anymore, the last thing we want is your valuable information finding its way into the wrong hands under our watch. This is why we have invested heavily in encryption technology to ensure that any information you pass on to us gets sent back in the most secure way possible. We know that different industries require different levels of security, so if you are concerned about your valuable data, please give us a call to discuss our security further.

Supported Languages

With the rising popularity of online meetings using software such as zoom and skype, its now more common than ever to be able to have international meetings from your very own conference room. But with that comes the challenge of dealing with foreign accents and languages. No matter how hard we try, sometimes understanding someone else’s accent can be incredibly difficult. Depending on the language or accent, our court reportrs may be able to help out with their dictation service, we can note down everything they say and clarify any misunderstandings.

Fast Service

When you have a deadline for a new product launch or a court case coming up, you can’t afford to be waiting around for any loose ends. If you need a dictation service that moves quickly and provides you with a transcript on the same day, then you’ve come to the right place. Just let us know when you’re booking the service in that it needs to be rushed and we can accommodate.