Rockland Court Reporters

When you have an important meeting coming up, its easy to get carried away preparing for it. Something as important as a negotiation or an enterprise agreement, it’s essential to make sure everything goes off without a hitch so you avoid any unwanted disagreements – the last thing you need is to be arguing over a silly little detail with your new customer and potentially straining the relationship before it has even begun. The best way to make sure none of these disagreements happen is by having a word for word account of everything that happens in the meeting. A court reporter is able to take down every word and ensure that nothing is left out, saving you a big headache down the road. Plus, having your very own stenographer sitting in on meetings looks pretty cool and professional.

Types of Reporting

There are many different types of reporting you can use to make sure you keep track of any important meetings. The most common of these is a typed up account of your meeting. Our stenographers will bring in their special typing device and record down each and every word to make sure that you have a full account of everything that is spoken in your meeting so that you can go back to refer to it or use it as reference in legal documents. We can also offer video and audio recordings to accompany the record to help the listener understand the way in which each statement is intended.

Verbatim Transcripts

When meetings turn to he said she said accounts, it doesn’t take long for things to descend into anarchy. When there is no official record then it is very easy for people to twist their own words and convince you that you said something you did not in fact say. Tensions can run high during official meetings and the most reliable thing to use is an official report from one of our court reporters.

Video and Audio Recording

A written report is excellent when it comes to making sure that nothing gets missed and all statements remain accurate going forward. However, a written report can only do so much, and in staring at the words written on a page you may be able to see what was said, but you aren’t able to understand how someone says it which can be almost just as useful in interpreting what happened. A video or audio recording can allow you to get more context to go with the written report, allowing you to make sure that nothing is missed and that everyone is being understood.

Ongoing Services

If you are having one meeting important enough to get a court reporter there, then we usually find you’ll be using our service once again down the track. If you need an ongoing court reporting service, we are able to help build and customise plans for your needs and make sure that a court reporter is ready for you when you need them.