Virtual Court Reporting

In this day and age, virtual meetings have basically taken over and have replaced in person ones. So many challenges from in person meetings have been demolished but new challenges still remain. We have all been in virtual meetings where the key person delivering important information loses their internet connection or their laptop battery dies, leaving everyone else in the meeting in the dark while they try to reconnect and get back into their flow. Virtual meetings certainly haven’t been perfected yet, but they solve many problems that used to stand in the way of physical meetings. One of the problems that virtual meetings still face is being able to keep track of what everyone is saying and help attendees keep on track with what is expected of them going forward.

Virtual Court Reporting

Virtual court reporting solves these issues by providing our great service at a touch of a button. In the past it was quite expensive to ship out a court reporter to come to you and set their things up so they can report on your meeting, but now all they need to do is make sure their webcam is turned on and they are in the meeting, all set up and ready to go from their own office. We can connect you with the right court reporter for your needs and all you have to do is give them the meeting code so they can join in and record everything that happens.

Support for Languages

With the wide world being opened up by virtual meetings, it also means that new barriers and challenges have arisen to be faced. If you are dealing in international business, then the odds are that you may be dealing with another language too. This is fine if you speak the language but if your stenographer doesn’t then you won’t be able to get an accurate record of all that is said. We have court reporters that speak other languages too so that whoever you are speaking to, we can be sure to provide you a full reporting service.

Different Time Zones

The most frustrating thing about virtual meetings is the timing, if you are dealing with someone on the other side of the world like Australia, you have to make sure that you choose a time that works for you, which often means that you’re up at the crack of dawn or staying awake late at night to be able to discuss business with them. Our court reporters are able to be flexible with these times too, just let us know when the meeting is and we’ll be there.

Full Transcript Reports

When your meeting is complete and our court reporter has finished their job of taking down everything that is said, they will go and process the transcript for you and present you with a full transcript report that you will be able to use however you need it. We send it with all the appropriate encryption to make sure it is safe for you.