About Our Team

Have you got an official meeting that needs to be transcribed so that you can discuss it later, or perhaps use it as evidence further down the track? It can seem tempting to put your phone on record and leave it running during your meeting, but a voice recording often isn’t admissible in court and typing each word out one at a time can take you an age. There are plenty of software packages that offer voice to text translation but often times they are horrible at getting the correct words and can end up costing you even more time having to go through it all and making sure its correct. If you want to have an accurate record of everything that was said during mediation then a court reporter is an excellent choice.

Court Reporters on Demand have been working for many years recording peoples meetings and providing high quality and highly accurate transcriptions to their clients. As simple as it sounds, its quite a lot of work to become a stenographer, there are valuable typing styles that are required to be able to work efficiently enough to capture every word. In order for our team to be able to perform at their best we make sure that each and every court reporter undergo important training to make sure they are offering the most accurate and valuable of services. If you have an important meeting coming up that needs to be recorded properly, then make sure you come to us.