Court Reporting Services

Have you ever left a meeting wondering what you actually said? Or perhaps someone addressed you and gave you a list of tasks to complete but the moment the meeting ended it completely dropped out of your mind? Its common to lose focus in a meeting, they very often carry on for longer than they need to and jump around from random topic to topic, leaving you dazed and confused at the end. The best way to keep track of what was said to you and keep on top of any to do items is to have a court reporter there to record the whole thing. Then you can go over the transcript of the meeting and pick up on any parts you’ve missed or make a list of all the items relating to you or someone else.

Court Reporting

Court reporting sounds like it should just be about noting down anything that happens in a court of law, but in actual fact, court reporters are able to assist in many ways outside of the courtroom. Court reporters, better known as stenographers, are a dictation service and take note of everything said in a certain meeting, regardless of what the meeting is about. So if you have a meeting, conference, hearing or negotiation, then a court reporter will be perfect to note down everything that is said so there is a full and accurate record to refer to later.

Meeting Types

Court Reporters on Demand deal with all kinds of different meetings. Keeping note of everything that is said at an large corporate enterprise agreement is just as important as a small businesses monthly catch up meeting. Whether its a big or small event, as long as you need accurate dictation of everything that is said then we are able to help you. We can send one of our friendly and professional court reporters to come and take note of your event, providing you with a full digital transcript that you can read through after.

Accurate Dictation

The last thing you need are important gaps in your transcript, this is why we have our court reporters trained to make sure that every word is captured. We provide you with a full transcript that has absolutely every word captured so that you have a complete picture of what is said. You can also use these transcripts for legal proceedings should you need to, as our accurate dictation is admissible in court as evidence.

Fast Turnaround

Many court reporting services out there can take an age to go through the transcript and prepare it for their customers. When it comes to your business and your important meetings, sometimes you simply can’t wait. Don’t get caught out hanging out while your competitors may be beating you to the punch, we can help deliver your transcript in record time so you can get to the next step of your meeting quicker than ever.