In Person Court Reporting Services

Westchester In Person Court Reporting Services

So you have a big stakeholder meeting coming up, but you’re nervous because last time there were no meeting minutes taken and it descended into anarchy far too quickly. We have all had arguments over meetings where some people heard one thing and others heard something entirely different – this is a problem all too common but thankfully it can be solved easily. A court reporter’s role is to provide unbiased reporting on what happens in a meeting, they record down each word that is spoken by each party and a official record is provided for your meeting. With an airtight record of everything that was spoken, you’ll be avoiding any unneeded arguments in the future.


You have probably seen stenographers in the past in movies and court room tv shows. They are usually the people off to the side with a typewriter looking device taking note of everything that is said. Its a question we get asked a lot, how do they manage to type so fast in order to be able to record down everything that is said? Well, that’s actually quite simple. Stenographers and court reporters use a special language in order to record down everything that is said quickly. They have specialised keyboards that instead of typing letters, they type whole words to make it faster. This way they can record entire conversations and entire meetings, providing you with a full transcript of a meeting no matter how fast everyone is speaking.

Reporting Formats

The formats that are provided vary for what you need. Usually when there is a simple meeting or even court proceeding, our reporters just provide you with a written report of everything that is said, but in special cases we can set up recording services too, to make sure that everything is on record and nothing is left out, allowing you to watch back the meeting later on. We can provide almost any format you need so whatever it is just give us a call and we can organise it for you.

Reliable Service

When you have a meeting coming up that could mean life or death for you or your company, you don’t want to be taking chances. Court Reporters on Demand do exactly that, we supply court reporters for you exactly when you need them, as soon as you book them in they will be on the way to you, ready to record whatever you need them to.

Fast Turnaround

After you watch a stenographer recording down a conversation in front of you, you’ll soon come to realise that they don’t do anything slow – which the same can be said about our business. When you have had your meeting and our stenographer has recorded down the conversation, we endeavor to get the transcript to you as soon as possible – sometimes as soon as the same day! Just let us know if anything is a rush when you book us in and we will try our best to meet your deadline.